Apr 16 2014

Adding Versions to a Rails API

When you create an application programming interface (API), you’re establishing a contract with everyone who uses it. This too is true for web service APIs. As soon as someone begins using an API, changes require coordination between all clients in order to prevent breakage, costing precious time and money.

Rails API versioning to the rescue: In order to allow breaking changes to an interface, we can version it so that clients may specify exactly what representation they expect for their requests. Then they are able to decide for themselves when it is time- and cost-effective to upgrade their dependency.

Apr 12 2014

Dependency Injection, iOS and You

Dependency injection refers to the design principle of telling a class which other objects its instances should work with, improving the flexibility with which the class can be used in different contexts. There are no special tools or libraries needed, and it’s easy to adopt dependency injection in legacy code to enable testability.

Apr 10 2014

JavaScriptCore by Example

JavaScriptCore is not a new framework; in fact, it’s been lurking on Mac OS X ever since version 10.2. But with iOS 7 and Mac OS 10.9, Apple has introduced a native Objective-C API for JavaScriptCore. Apple does provide some documentation in the form of programmer’s comments in the header files, but otherwise this API is poorly documented.…

Apr 4 2014

Big Nerd of the Month: San Smith

It surprised none of us when San Smith was named our most recent Big Nerd of the Month. As Office Manager, San makes all of our lives easier, and in March, she was a driving force behind our recent move to our new Intergalactic Headquarters. 

We sat down with her to find out more about this wonder who wrangles all the Nerds.…

Mar 28 2014

Designing Interfaces for iOS 6 and iOS 7

Although the iOS 7 adoption rate is now at 85 percent, many developers still need to support iOS 6. I’ve seen people struggle with designing their interfaces so that they look at home on both versions of the operating system. This blog post will show you the best practices for achieving this goal.

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