Dec 12 2012

iOS developers: Free resource for learning to develop Windows Store apps

Did you know that Microsoft sold more than 40 million Windows 8 licenses in just one month? Now that’s a big market in need of well-designed apps, and we pride ourselves on being at the intersection of useful and Nerdy know how.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to adapt your iOS developer skills to this new (and big deal) platform, check out this two-day seminar (Dec. 13 and 14) taught by Big Nerd Ranch in partnership with Microsoft. You’ll learn directly from our iOS experts (including our Chief Learning Nerd Aaron Hillegass) who are now building Windows apps.

There are three options: attend in person, watch the live webcast or view on demand videos. More information and registration details can be found here.

Sessions will follow a low-key, interactive format where iOS terms and concepts will be mapped to Windows alternates. You will also get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned.

Check out the Top 10 Things iOS Developers should know about Windows 8 in Aaron’s recent talk at Microsoft Build and Eric Jeffers’ coverage of the same topic.



    The video on the Build site is very low quality. Is there a place where I can download the videos instead of watching them online ?

    Also, making an app in Javascript, is it a full blown real app ? What are the limits ?

  2. Microsoft’s Channel 9 is the only place the videos are hosted. I’ll drop them a note about the quality and see if I can get a file for you.

    And I’ll return with your Javascript answer!

  3. Eric Jeffers

    For javascript and HTML apps, they are fully featured and can do everything that a XAML and C#, or XAML and C++ app can do.
    The full power of WinRT is available to JS and HTML as porvided by the Windows Namespace.
    In fact, a lot of the apps included in Windows 8 are written in Javascript. For example, the News App, and even the Mail app (although the backend is implemented as a C++ winRT component)!

    Check out these resources from Microsoft

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