Jan 7 2007

PagePacker makes pocket-sized books

I often wander around without a computer, so I needed a nice easy way to print important bits into little books of information that I could carry around in my pocket. Chad Adams figured out a brilliant technique of cutting and folding pieces of paper into little books and called it PocketMod. The technique was brilliant, but the software was a little awkward. So I, knowing a little about Cocoa, hacked together PagePacker.

Click here to download PagePacker. It is a universal binary that runs on MacOS X 10.4. It has some informative help, too. (This version will expire in June. In June, it will be time to upgrade to a new version for Leopard.)

Overall, you put together eight pages by dragging out standard DIY Planner pages from the catalog:

Or by dragging out any image file or PDF onto the document. The files are scaled and rotated as necessary to make them fit:

After printing onto 8.5″ x 11″ paper, you fold the paper lengthwise. The inky parts should be on the outside:

Then, unfold it. In the other direction, fold it on the three lines like a fan. The inky parts end up inside the fan:

Open the outer two flaps of the fan, and cut along the dotted line:

Fold the first fold again (With the outer flaps open and the inner flap cut, you can now refold the paper lengthwise)

Finally, put the front cover in front and the back in back. Voila! A little book!

Special thanks to Douglas Johnston. The D*I*Y
Planner forms
are released by Douglas Johnston under a Creative
Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives license
, which
means that they are free for personal and non-commercial use. Use
within a business setting is fine as long as they are not
mass-produced (i.e., in numbers greater than 50). “Getting Things
Done” and its related concepts are copyright David Allen, All Rights Reserved.

And, yes, I promise to do an A4 version in a week or so.


  1. Dave Batton

    Congratulations on the release! Looks like a really nice little utility. But you gotta get it a new icon. ;-)

  2. joshpaul

    Great app Aaron! Thanks for it. I’ve been getting “back into” GTD since the 1st.

    Happy New Year.

  3. victor Agreda Jr

    OK, please don’t make useful things time out unless they are demos. Your assumption that anyone “getting things done” will inevitably order Leopard the first instant it is available is not only antithetical to GTD, but a real PITA for those of us who will continue to use Tiger on older machines… That’s the kind of “upgrade or die” attitude I’d expect from Apple or Microsoft, honestly…

  4. Ken

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Brilliant! I’ve been using PocketMod for a while, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to manually write in all of my appointments from iCal/Entourage. Now with this, I can just print the PDF from iCal. I love it! Thank you again!

  5. Ken

    One issue though: which font are the DIY pages in? When I print it (on any of my printers), I get exclamation points where the spaces should be. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it is somewhat goofy looking if I want to show my hipsterPDA to my friends…

  6. Yes, there are strange exclamation points that appear in the DIY Planner pages. I have not figured out where they come from yet. I’ll write the designer and find out. Overall, they are, indeed, goofy looking. If I can get that fixed, I’ll do another release.

    Also, be sure to read the help. It has some hints about how to get PagePacker-friendly PDFs out of AddressBook and iCal.

    Finally, I’d like to do another post with “PagePacker Recipes” on how to get useful information into nice little PDFs. Please send comments if you figure out something cool.

  7. Kyle Mistry

    This is an awesome little application you’ve got. Nice work!

    By the way, I made my own little icon for it. Hope you don’t mind, I just didn’t care much for the current one.


  8. Speedmaster

    Great stuff, thanks! I’ll tinker w/ it a bit

  9. lambas

    Dear Aaron,

    I would like to thank you for making such a cool program. It will be very useful to me.

    However I am writing a comment here to tell you that I am disappointed and a bit confused by your choice to have this program expire.

    As a college student, I will not be able to afford to upgrade to Leopard any time soon.

    I just find it very bizarre that you would act as if Tiger will cease to exist (or *should* cease to exist) once there is a new version of the OS out.

    Could you please release a version of your wonderful application that does not expire?

    Thank you and take care,

  10. Andrew Conti

    Great first release! My only thought is to make it Applescriptable so you can automate the process of getting PDFs out of iCal and Address Book and into the program. Great work.

  11. Brunger

    Any chance on a win and/or linux version someday soon?
    And like that german guy wrote, “Mac meets Moleskine” is an appropriate title.

  12. Bill Byrne

    Very nice little application. Any chance of 4 pager (rather than 8 pager) for those of us with weak eyes ? Also, the guideline line spacing is slightly off (but still usable) for A4 paper.

  13. Jeroen Lokerse

    Any chance of making it print an a A4 page for us europeans ?
    I like pocket mod but printing to a A4 page drops portions of the page,

    I’m at work here so haven’t tried it yet but reading your comment seems to suggest it only print to legal size paper.

  14. Anders

    Great app
    so simple!

  15. karel

    I would like an A4 version too…..
    pretty please?

  16. Anthony Underwood

    Yes great app, but having an A4 option would make it even better. I’m from the UK

  17. Mike

    Having this expire is a really bad move – please remove the expire date – like others have said I may not be upgrading to Leopard this year

  18. wrath of god

    I also would like to hear the logic behind the June expiration. It makes little sense to me and is a dealbreaker on what looks like a great little app.

  19. Dan Semaya

    It would be great if you could make this app automatically populate the pages from your iCal. I’d like it to show me this month, today, tomorrow, this week and next week. I’d like to be able to print it out with the press of a button and grab it before I go out the door in the morning. Currently I find myself printing my iCal, plus printing out some Google Maps directions if I need them. It would be great if that could be automated.

    Also maybe even offering multiple printable views. A 4-up version that doesn’t require you to cut the paper, but gives you more usable space per page would be nice.

  20. Chris

    Thanks – this is terrific. I just made up a booklet with Bible verses I’m trying to commit to memory. Thanks for making if free!

  21. damon

    Damn – I just finished setting up my moleskin to do what I wanted and then this. Back to sqaure one, good thing I used pencil in the moleskin :)
    Thanks a ream!

  22. Phil

    I had a dream…
    You make it !
    Very nice application. Just a ‘doubt’ : will it remain free ?

  23. Lauram

    I don’t actually need this as at GTD tool, but I’ve been searching for a way to produce small booklets of recipes for friends who like my cooking. So I’m going to try it to see if it’s adaptable, but if anyone knows of an app that can do this with fairly simple text panels, I’d love a pointer.

  24. Ed

    Another vote for an A4 version, and also for an A3 version for those times when you might want a large format book.

  25. Ed

    Following up the requests for A4 versions, the Lifehacker page referencing PagePacker contains a DIY command line hack from woolfie for manipulating the postcript for an 8 page document to produce a single A4 sheet suitable for folding (not tried, caveat emptor …)


  26. mane

    Great but PLEASE we NEED an A4 Version!

  27. OMW

    Beautifully illustrated and nicely done!

    Adding an outline around the form (like the “imageable page rectangle”) would make it easier to print and trim PagePacker to custom sizes.

    I make mine a little smaller (8″ x 10″) and carry them in a wallet with business cards.

    Thanks for a great app!!

  28. Stephen W. Carson

    One of the things I most often want with me is my Amazon Wish List. I brought it up on Amazon and switched “View” to “Compact”. I then selected Print and saved as PDF. I had to redo it when I realized I was getting a trailing page with useless garbage on it. Once I had my PDF, dropped it on PagePacker and it laid out the pages of the PDF. Very nice. Great work!

    BTW, one more vote to fix the exclamation point bug.

  29. alan schauer

    YessSSSS!! After “Dot Net” (pocketmod), I never thought I’d see this! THANK YOU!

  30. Didier Boulet

    Any chance to see some Automator support for this ?

  31. Daniel Jalkut

    Really cool little utility. About the exclamations, I noticed that if I open the PDF from within your Resources directory, and print a page from Preview, the spaces seem to survive without turning into exclamations.

    If you’re taking minor usability suggestions :)

    1. Would love to be able to drag from within the document to within the document. Once I drop something in, I might change my mind about where I wanted it, but now I have to go back to the catalog and re-find it.

    2. The catalog is a little unwieldly with all its pages I’m not sure what you can do about this except manually assign categories and names to each of the items. It would be great if there was a little hierarchical outline view for selecting pages from the catalog.

    3. If you allowed the catalog window to be resized, it might be easier to look at some of the proposed pages. I found myself switching to preview for browsing.

    Anyway, not to detract from what is altogether an excellent little app.


  32. Dan Wood

    Really Cool, Aaron. My only suggestion would be to categorize the 84 pre-made page types (maybe an NSSegmentedControl) so it’s easier to browse through the templates or find what you’re looking for. It requires a very steady hand to look through the templates.

    Also, you could bundle the media browser (like the one that comes with Sandvox) to make it easy to drag in iPhotos.

  33. Dan Wood

    If you want to come up with another paper size, you could do a legal size paper (8-1/2″ x 14″) to create 10 panels instead of 8, with a wrap-around cover. Try it : Fold the paper into fifths lengthwise and cut a notch in the middle, and also on the new edge fifth panel. Then fold is much like the 8-panel one, but then one of the panels is double-length; it can then fold over the others like a nice cover. I would love to have a layout variation like this so I could get 25% more capacity! :-)

  34. TI

    This is really excellent. Any chance of source code, to see the Cocoa wizardry?

    Also, if you do an update, how about enabling arrow keys on the template panel? That would make it easier to browse through them.

  35. Jezbizee

    Nice little App. A4 for me too please. Out of interest, why will this not work with the next version of OS X?

  36. Administrator

    OK, OK, I’ll add A4. Give me a week.

  37. alex

    why is it that I don’t have the A5 option in iCal??

  38. chad

    while I am content with my own bastard version of GTD (see the site), I am really excited about other possibilites for this software. But please, can we get a version that doesn’t expire. I recognize that this is free software, and that it is way to cool, but these size mods and a non-expiring version would take this from a flavor of the week to a must-have that all of my mac friends would want. thanks for offering this up.

  39. Bernd

    Nice application. I am happy to hear that you will add DIN-A4 (and hopefully A3, as it has the same proportions).

    But PageMaker could be much better, if there would be an option to subscribe each page to one of your predefined templates _OR_ to an “action”. An action could be an URL, a random picture of an iPhoto album etc. or – and this would allow any variations – an Applescript. With this feature you could printout a PocketMod every week with automated iCal-integration etc…
    Please add Applescript support (and make yor application scriptable)!!!

    As I have seen, there is the “diyp3h_core_1up.pdf” inside the pakage-folder, which is the source for the catalogue. I replaced that with my own PDF containing my prefered templates, so the PocketMod looks like my personal one. I could recommend that to anyone else.

    Aaron, if You will follow the hints to optimize the catalog-window, it would be helpfull to consider that the PDF containing the templates could have bookmarks or “named destinations” (http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/PDFOpenParameters.pdf) to jump to specific chapters.

  40. Rob Evans

    I’ve been using the pocketmods for a while and was wondering how I got my diary view into it without having to write it out.

    Any chance of a PC version for us coporate Thinkpad wielders.

  41. Chris Yarrow

    I am using MAC OS-X 10.3.9 and can’t seem to make this work. I guess it’s imperative to have 10.4?

  42. Kim

    ok, I am new at this, but love this idea, is this only usable by mac users or can anyone use it? Is is only good from a specific program, if so, how do I get it? Please help – Love this, but don’t know how to get to it. Thanks

  43. Rick

    Here’s how to do it from Linux for A4 paper. If you want to use US letter paper, replace the word a4paper with letterpaper.

    I named the script pdf2tinybk, and made it executable using chmod 755 pdf2tinybk. It takes the name of an eight page pdf file for its input and produces a file named book.pdf for its output.

    ./pdf2tinybk foo.pdf



    # program to produce folded mini books




    mkdir “$tmpdir”
    cp “$infile” “$tmpdir/in.pdf”
    cd “$tmpdir”

    # invert pages on top half

    $pdflatex \\batchmode \
    \includepdf[pages=1, angle=180]{in.pdf}\
    \includepdf[pages=6-8, angle=180]{in.pdf}\

    mv book.pdf in.pdf

    # impose pages into mini booklet

    $pdflatex \\batchmode \
    \includepdf[nup=4x2, pages={1,8-6,2-5}, trim=24mm 10mm 24mm 10mm, cut, frame]{in.pdf}\

    mv book.pdf $OLDPWD

    rm -rf “$tmpdir”

  44. Rick

    Another Linux resource is http://www.laidout.org

    I haven’t actually tried using this to create a pocket organizer yet, but it looks like it could work…

  45. Roger


  46. PModder

    Tiger vs. Leopard? Heck, I’m still using Panther on a G3 Powerbook and don’t expect to be able to afford a new Mac for some time. I’m a heavy PocketMod user, however, and when I’ve needed more functionality I’ve printed pages into PDF format on my Mac or on my work Windows system (using CutePDF Writer, free) and used the PDF to PocketMod Converter on the PocketMod site. It’s cumbersome and the converter needs Windows and .NET, but it gets the job done for poor Tiger- and Leopard-less folks like me.

  47. Dan

    Any chance you would share the source ? Then we all can tinker and modify to our heart’s content.

  48. A Debian User

    Thank you for sharing your script, Rick!

  49. timyeo

    great app. I recall days when I’m fiddling w MS Word changing the document’s page and font size just to squeeze it down to the size i want.

    A few suggestions after using it for 5 minutes:
    1. Multiple pages
    - 8 boxes is nice, but sometimes we have whole documents we want to shrink and fold and take with us. With multiple pages, I won’t need to save separate files. Of course, this probably ain’t the aim of PagePacker, but still, this little feature might open up PagePacker to a whole lot more of possibilities (e.g. printing PDF slides 2 slides per page etc)

    2. Double sided printing
    - 1 page, 2 sides, 16 boxes. With multi-page feature, this would be easily possible

    3. Bigger paper sizes?
    - small notebooks are fun, but what about bigger ones like A3 folded? haven’t given it much thought yet, but imagine the possibilities.

    Great app :)

  50. jmac

    Please excuse if someone has answered this already…I just skimmed this page…!) :-)

    The font for the DIYP pages is Blue Highway and, I haven’t tested this, but, if you have it installed, it may get rid of those pesky exclamation points in your PDF’s. Doug writes about the need for the font on his DIP Planner Widget Kit 3.0 page: http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/official/widgetkit03

  51. jmac

    P.S. Aaron, PagePacker is great! Thank you!

    Now I just need to upgrade from Panther… (yeah, it’s past time.) :-)

  52. Jessica

    I would probably love this program if I could use it. PocketMod’s support for Mac is subpar.

    However, I am stuck with Mac 10.3 for the forseeable future. Why require 10.4, and why force the upgrade? Not all of us are interested in or able to continue to upgrade.

  53. Jeroen Lokerse

    Any info on the a4 version ?;
    It’s been 2 weeks ?

    You’ve made an awesome tool man, now just go for the finishing touch.

  54. Administrator

    The new version has been out for a week:

  55. Icelander

    I’m getting an error when I try to open the Page Packer .dmg. It’s telling me there’s a broken pipe.

  56. Rachird

    Not too shabby! Really, thanks!

  57. Calpurnio

    POCKETCUTTLAS inspired by “pocketmod” & PagePacker
    free Download POCKETCUTTLAS from:

  58. Alex Schröder

    I’m with Jessica: My laptop still has 10.3, and I certainly don’t plan to upgrade the 10.4 on my mini anytime soon…

  59. Administrator

    In PagePacker, I use PDFView for the catalog. PDFView didn’t exist on 10.3. Thus, PagePacker will never run on 10.3.

  60. Tom McIntosh

    My first expectation was that it would print four pages on one side of the paper and four on the other side, making the output twice as big and using both sides of the paper. Could then fold and cut and staple the pages together with a regular stapler. Pages 1 and 8 could stay the 1/8 size. Just have to figure out the others.

  61. Sean Murphy

    Hi Aaron,

    Would you be willing to release the Source? I am learning Cocoa and this looks like a nice way to learn some tips about image manipulation.

    Also, you have a very handsome and happy looking family.


  62. Gruffi

    Grrf, why do Mac users get all the cool stuff? Can’t corprate PC geeks have cool tools too?? :-(

  63. Bob

    A thought for a future upgrade…

    How about the ability to add pages to the catalog? I would love to design a few forms and be able to drag them into the catalog. Heck, maybe people would even be interested in sharing new forms for various specialized applications.

  64. pierro

    so damn it – what can i do, if i am a windows_user ?
    i like that . . . .

  65. Jon Glass

    I just posted some hints on DIYPlanner on printing on both sides of a piece of paper, and creating little booklets. This post is the first of three, with the last post describing how to print fairly complex page layouts. Look for the first article here:

    Have fun.


  66. David Mundie

    This is really cool, but it quickly became clear to me that static templates aren’t what you want – you really need to be able to take hand-written notes, type those notes into the templates, and then use the updated templates as the basis for the next printed version. So I have created a bunch of Pages documents that mimic some of the DIY pages, but are editable. This is what works for me.

  67. EyesOfCalvin

    Its a pity that Windows users can’t use your great app, Aaron. I have created an A4 sized template for Pocketmod in MS-Word format. It can be edited to fill in own stuff, saved and printed. Can be downloaded at my blog.

  68. Jon Dueck

    Wow, Aaron! This is _very_ cool. I’ve downloaded and shall use it. It looks like a great place, among other things, to store Frisbee games. Cheers!
    -Jon Dueck

  69. Wilm

    Does this actually work for A4 paper now? I can select A4 in the preferences and is seams to work, the only thing is some of the included pdfs are scaled to small in the final printout.

  70. Nathan

    This program would be so much better if I could move the page around and zoom once placed…just a thought

  71. mwschmeer

    Ok. It’s June. No Leopard yet. Will you release a non-expiring version?

  72. Rasmussen

    Excellent app! I’m looking forward to your next release.

  73. Blessed Cheesemaker

    ditto June…ditto no Leopard yet…ditto will you release a non-expiring version?

  74. stefan hampden

    great app!

    1 suggestion: ability to move directly from a print preview to page packer (copy and paste would work just fine)

    1 bug little bug: there are 2 pages which purport to be a 2007 calendar, i think one should be 2008 since the days are different.

  75. judy

    Thank you for PagePacker! I’ve seen pocket mod & was wishing for customized pages. I just discovered Pagepacker & will be using it for my students. Right now I’m finishing up a “Word MIllionaire Journal”. Thank you!!!!!

  76. Stephen Moye

    I notice that there is a PDF in the app that has all of the 3x5in forms. Is it possible to add to that PDF? I would like to add some pages with music 5-line staffs for composing ‘on-the-go’.

    Thanks for an interesting app.

    One thing I just noticed (Mac OS X 10.4.10, PPC DP): double-clicking on a PagePacker document does not seem actually to open the document — clicking on “Open Recent” in the File menu does, however.


  77. Nate Taylor

    I was wondering if the Page Packer is open source. I was thinking of doing a specialized free version. I know how to edit / replace the PDF for the pages and alter the menus, but I didn’t want to do this without you being okay about it.

    I was thinking of something for computing references, programmers, web designers etc.

    My wife is a musician so I like the idea of a music version too, and would be glad to help with it.

    I think page packer should have a web page all of its own, with ‘modules’ available – it should be easy to add an option preferences to select a different template. I’d be happy to help with the web page too (although there are probably others more competent then me in that field).

  78. Isa

    Great job, but any chance you could tweak your program for those of us with XP? Hope you can ’cause we’re really missing out. :(

  79. Zappo

    Can anyone confirm whether PagePacker for Leopard will be making an appearance.

    TIA for feedback

  80. maria

    Try the new pocketmod out!! Lots of new templated, very easy to use!!!!


  81. Erik Mallinson

    I’ll just add this to the comment deluge. PocketMod wasn’t anywhere near the first when it comes to 8-page books. I was doing them in 2001 and learned about them from a friend who did them in the early 90s.

  82. hyrcan

    Holy crap this thing is awesome! I just found this following a random link on 43f and I’m glad I did!

  83. RLee

    I’m having great fun making little books! However, the corner place holders resize smaller than the others. This is quite annoying when trying to print out already tiny little calendars from iCal. Whats the point of the “imageable page rectangle” if the scaling is going to be smaller than the others anyway?


  84. RLee

    Sorry, additional note. It seems that things coming from the catalog do not get resized smaller, just anything “not native” to the program.

  85. Haywood

    Great tool! Any chance of a 2008+ calendars?

  86. Drifty Leftwright

    Hmm… I’ve been handwriting these books for a while, and wanting to print them from ordinary documents (I don’t use electronic planners or anything like that) such as reservation confirmations, driving directions, contact lists, itineraries, to do lists etc. I’m on Windows and I’m struggling with Word to do this. I’ll try Acrobat, too. In any case, I praise your work, especially the beautiful pictorial how-to. I’m linking to this on my blog for the inspirational/paper-folding value alone.

  87. stog

    This is fantastic! I’ve been carrying printed copies of ical for ages, this makes it so much more pocket friendly. Also my girlfriend is dyslexic so organisation is a big issue and she is definitely a pen and paper person!

  88. stog

    One quick question, I have looked in the package contents of your brilliant little app and I see the planner pages are a multi page pdf. I’d like to add a few of my own pages to this, do they have to be specific dimensions?

  89. Chris

    Like RLee said, the corner pages are resized smaller than the others, which makes everything inconsistent and the corners difficult to read.

  90. diaz

    Awesome program!

    One problem: in the Page Setup dialog I can change the Scale to something like 80%, but it still prints at 100%. I really need to be able to scale the output so I can fit it in my wallet.

  91. Nancy Perry

    I’m wondering why the pages imported to pagepacker that end up on the ends (pages 1,2,5 and 6) seem to always shrink compared to the rest. It happens on screen (has nothing to do with the printer). It’s not terrible… just a little aggravating. Is there a fix that I can do, or is that something that needs to be worked out in the next version? Thanks!

    p.s. I love the program!!

  92. rosa

    Thanks for PP. I’ve just made a mini book for my daughters and they love it too! :)

  93. chad

    this is great, but what i’ve really been looking for is a way to convert a common txt and/or pdf ebook into a front and back printed, 8-page per side of a 8.5×11 sheet, so that i can print out 16 pages onto one sheet of paper, fold it up, staple the center and cut the edges apart for reference purposes…i can’t seem to figure this one out…convert a complete ebook into several consecutive 16-page booklets…this app is great though…very useful…thanks

  94. Jack

    This is terrific but if you could fix the shrinking of the ends It would be AWSOME!!!!!!

  95. Sweden

    If you want another example:
    Try this: http://www.iconus.ch/fabien/products/cbeng/cbeng.html

    This app can take any pdf and create a doublesided booklet in either 4 or 8 pages per printed page. Have used it myself for some years and often use it.

    Mr Sweden

  96. werutzb


    I would like extend my SQL experience.
    I red so many SQL books and want to
    get more about SQL for my position as oracle database manager.

    What would you recommend?


  97. chilliman

    It would be great if you can make all these margins absolutely zero. So It will make maximum size of printing area on A4.
    I prefer PocketMod because it got absolutely zero margins, even tho I am stuck this great application afterall. :)

  98. abdoo

    Hi this is really a great app, this is one more vote for A3 support, it will be really nice. one more thing we could edit the templates using the program, we type the information we want in the program itself. thanks keep up the good work

  99. Robbin

    I, too, would love ZERO margins. I don’t understand why 1,2,5 & 6 have different margins for the bottom of the page. I am trying to cram in a lot of text and printing as a PDF still requires its own margins or it cuts things off.

    Those margins, plus PagePacker margins makes the type REALLY small.


  100. Leila

    I love it!
    I use a Moleskine all the time, but there are a few things, I need additionally. Till now I always SEWED myself a small booklet, now I can easyly print it out, already with lines, and other great things, I wouldn’t have thought about.
    Great application!
    I’d love to see some more sheets, especially the possibility to print 2010, when you are in year 2009, e.g.
    Keep it up!

  101. patrick

    I just started using it, and allready love it, especialy in combination with Things.
    But please update it with the 2010, 2011 and 2012 calendar.

  102. Todd

    Great app. Now that it’s 2010, an update with new calendars would be great.

    A fantastic update would be dynamic calendars, so a pre-filled monthly calendar could be added. But, that sounds like a lot of work.

  103. Trenda Nielson

    I could this applicaation be used for other document them the dyi planner? I have a field form (about 25 pages I would like to put in a smaller more guy friendly size. Can you help?

  104. ALICE

    is there any old version for Mac 10.3.9?

    there used to be and now i cannot find it.

  105. Joe Siri Ekgren

    Thank you for a nice tool!

    For those who have requested/need a calendar for 2010, 2011 etc, make your own with a few clicks.


    Save as PDF in the Print-dialog and you are set.

    All the best,

  106. RD

    Brilliant! Thanks! I was looking for something with a bit more flexibility than the online pocketmod could offer. Thanks again!!

  107. Tony

    Very clever. Should make it easier to create these little books. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to check it out.

  108. burberry

    For those who have requested/need a calendar for 2010, 2011 etc, make your own with a few clicks.

  109. Daz

    Have downloaded pagepacker but cant get it to open on my imac with osx 10.4.11.

    I have used it before on this computer.

    Any ideas?

  110. osbert

    nice. But doesn’t quite work properly with A4. The edges of the pages (of the booklet) don’t fall exactly on the folds.

  111. Dean Goodhill

    Is it okay to use Page Packer with Mac OS 10.6.5? Your comment above suggests not. If not, as I suspect, is there a version of it that will working with 10.6.5? Please advise. Thanks.


  112. Chaptergeek Book Reviews

    Interesting little app, I wonder if my wife could use this with her scrapbooking

  113. ru_anderson

    sacrilige i know but…. any chance of a windows version?

  114. Bob Fried

    Okay, I give up. I’m not the most technically savvy guy in the world. I did the download of PagePacker. I dragged the icon into my Applications folder. But it doesn’t open. I’m running OS X 10.4.11. What am I doing wrong?

  115. Colleen

    Thank you so much for this great little program. As an elementary school teacher I can easily make little books for my students! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  116. HansBKK

    Please make a cross-platform (Linux/Windows) version of this

  117. Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes

    Even though this app is nearly 5 years old (it’s now 2012), i can still use it on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2) – that’s truly awesome!

    I hope, the app will be available for future versions of OS X, too – and yeah, something similar/a port for Linux and Windows would be great.

    Best regards,
    Ricardo Cristof

  118. Carey Barnett

    What happened to Pagepacker?

  119. Plume

    Have a heart! Take pity on us poor souls on the other side of the pond and make an A4 version :-)

    Really, this is so great it’s completely worth the trouble of having some A2 or larger sheets cut down to US Letter size at the copy shop JUST to use with this! But this does mess with the spontaneity that is part of what makes this stuff so much fun as well as so dang handy – the idea you could be anywhere, on a trip or on the go, and as long as you can find a printer, you can pop off one of these. It’s not quite the same if you ALSO have to haul around the right size paper :P I mean, I tried it with A4 paper and it does work okay, but you get a lot of wasted space AND a lot of extra trimming – two strips about 1cm at both narrow ends of the initial sheet, and the widgets are floating on the page with a good 5 to 15(!) mm of border. It sucks not to be able to use that.

    The A3 size others mentioned wouldn’t come amiss either! From anecdotal observation it would seem that this sort of back-pocket-sized format (whether it’s A6, or the Moleskine Pocket size, or the Filofax Personal size, whatever) is about the most popular for organizers, planners, and list-making of every kind, as well as for a portable notebook or journal for other kinds of notes and ideas (even some of the notebooks of great writers of the past that have survived are usually around that size!) So I can really see it being a runaway success, especially if your handwriting is on the larger side (mine is, rather, and the Pocketmod’s A7-ish size can feel a bit cramped for certain kinds of information).

    If you do this, send me an address and I will mail you chocolate in gratitude. LOTS of chocolate! Handmade and fancy, too, not something you can get at any ole supermarket (or it could be equally fancy soap if you have food allergies and the like). I mean it!

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