May 1 2013

2013 Has Been a Good Year

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I started my internship at Big Nerd Ranch in January of this year. By my second week, I had settled into a spot next to Galvin Butler and Paul Turner, and I had a project.

Perhaps I should say that the project had me. It was more than half done (whatever that means in software) and a few people had worked on it already. The first two weeks on this project were, for me, all about calculated risk. This project has me tangling with two things in particular that I have maintained a respectful distance from: asynchronicity and SQL. I was fine with the theory but without the practice. However, I must say that folks like Chris Stewart and Brian Hardy have been generous and kind in helping me while I put all of that theory to use.

It was and is nice to have a project, but truth be told, I was drawn to Big Nerd Ranch because of the teaching. The opportunities for learning and growth here are much richer, in my opinion, than in most other places I could have ended up. Because of this, I was quite pleased when I was offered the chance to assist with leading a few topics during a weeklong Beginning iOS course at Historic Banning Mills. Nerds again proved generous and kind; Jay Campbell and Brian Turner were wonderful trainers for the class and mentors to me.

I started my internship in January, but I am now a full time employee. I will tell you that my week at the Ranch is what sealed the deal. We have a good thing going with the training and I suggest you take advantage of any opportunity that you have to find out for yourself.

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