Apr 23 2013

Announcing Mobile Game Development

game development

We’re pleased to announce our Beginning iOS Game Development course, led by Rod Strougo. In this course, you’ll build four games in five days, using Cocos2D and Box 2D. If you’ve ever wanted to create a game for iPhone or iPad, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how.

You’ll get hands-on experience in creating scrollers, tile-based games and physics-based games. Rigid body physics with Box2D is covered, as are multiplayer games, audio playback and optimizations.

Sign up for this course now, or if game development isn’t your thing, check out our full schedule of courses.


  1. Andrew Black

    Please write a book too.

  2. Janie Clayton-Hasz

    A) Yes! Please write a book!!
    B) How much experience do you need to take a specialized course such as this? I have worked through your Objective-C book and I am halfway through your iOS programming book (both are excellent by the way!)

  3. Rod Strougo

    As far as experience for this class, if you have some Objective-C knowledge (such as the Big Nerd Ranch Objective-C book) you will be fine. No game development experience is needed, although you will learn quite a bit by the end of the week, including 2D physics (without too much math).

    As it happens I did write a book on Cocos2D, you can get it in various formats here:


    The book is based on the previous version of Cocos2D (1.x), while the class takes it further by teaching the 2.x version of Cocos2D, including a portion with OpenGL ES shaders and other features.

    The Learning Cocos2D book can still be a great way to get started as the Cocos2D APIs are very similar between 1.x and 2.x, and most of the physics still apply. You miss out on the interesting stuff you can with the programmable graphics pipeline available with OpenGL ES 2.0 in Cocos2D 2.x among other things.

    The last difference is that the book is structured to have you build 1 large game, while the class will have you building 4 different games that you can later use as references/starting points in your own games.

    Hope that helps,

  4. IEMLabs

    Thanks for the Announcement.. I hope we will get more interesting games in future..

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