May 8 2013

The Healthy Programmer

To keep doing what you love, you must maintain your own systems—not just the ones you write code for.

In order to concentrate, learn and remember (all of which are important for programmers), you need exercise and a healthy diet. In this talk from Joe Kutner, you’ll learn exercises that will make working at a computer more comfortable, as well as how to change your work habits and develop a plan to stay fit.


  1. David Mann

    Hey Joe,

    Great presentation. I’ll check the book out. What were the three takeaways though? I only noticed you had them on #3 :)

  2. Joe Kutner

    Did I say three takeaways in the talk? I probably meant four. They are:
    1) WALK: 10k steps per day, and 20 minutes briskly
    2) MOVE: 5 minutes each hour and change position every 20 minutes
    3) BUILD: do those big 3 exercises every day
    4) PLAN: ask yourself those 3 questions everyday

    There’s more info on these in my app:

    I hope that helps!

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