Jul 16 2013

Hack Night with MailChimp

Hack Nights are Big Nerd Ranch’s way of getting to know our community and sharpen our own skills. On Monday, we collaborated with MailChimp and challenged developers to hack on MailChimp’s revamped API.

We were joined by Eric Muntz, MailChimp’s lead engineer, and Nathan Ranson, API liaison, who were on hand to answer any questions.

We saw two fantastic presentations at the end of the evening:

  • Mikhail Burshteyn created Flock, which uses the MailChimp API for informal event planning. You can see what your friends have planned when you join their “flock,” then hash out the details with a group chat. 

[Ed. note: Have you seen this app? Looks like someone got an early start, but the end result is pretty great.]

If you’re in the Atlanta area, join us for our next Hack Night on August 12. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Marie Kris

    Nice idea about your Hack Nights, to know your community and sharpen your own skills!

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