Jan 30 2008


At Big Nerd Ranch, we follow a pretty minimal style for our slides. It is important to us, however, that our slide shows go in and out of subversion easily. Also, it is important that we can easily generate a book from a collection of slide shows. As such, we have written our own replacement for PowerPoint.

BigShow is for playing the slide shows — not for creating them. The slide shows are created in a text editor. The disk image has both the application and an example show. Download the application and an example show.

Directions: Press “f” to go full-screen. Press ESC to exit full-screen.

The application is open-sourced. Download the source code.


  1. Josh Peters

    I’m curious why you went in this direction, versus something like S5 or Keynote.

  2. Nir Soffer

    Aaron, here is a minor refactoring for Show.m:

    — Show.m.orig 2007-07-25 15:42:19.000000000 +0300
    +++ Show.m 2008-02-08 23:30:29.000000000 +0200
    @@ -19,12 +19,8 @@

    BOOL boolForString(NSString *aString)
    - NSString *temp = [aString lowercaseString];
    - if ([temp isEqual: @"yes"]) {
    - return YES;
    - } else {
    - return NO;
    - }
    + NSString *normalized = [aString lowercaseString];
    + return [normalized isEqualToString:@"yes"];

    NSColor *colorForString(NSString *aString)

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