Sep 27 2008

Django and Django-Template Syntax Highlighting for Coda

I recently started playing with Panic’s web development application, Coda, and I immediately liked its all-in-one approach. As a Django developer, I typically work with multiple text editor, terminal, and browser windows. This can sometimes get out of hand, especially on a laptop. Coda can improve this situation by keeping all these tools and more within a single application.

All of this looked very promising until I realized that Coda does not offer out-of-the-box Django and Django-Template syntax highlighting or autocompletion. Thus, I decided to write a couple of Mode bundles to improve the situation. You may download these bundles and place them in your /Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/Coda/modes directory for instant gratification.

I am still developing these bundles to make them smarter, more lexically complete, and more integrated with Coda. Please let me know about your experience with them and I will try to make them better.


  1. Ludwig Pettersson

    I’ve been thinking about doing this myself for a while, but I never got around to it. Awesome!

  2. Peter Herndon

    Juan, the Django mode seems to have killed the ability to comment a line. While I can insert a # manually, I can’t use the Text,Un/Comment Selection menu command, nor does the Cmd-/ shortcut work.

    Interestingly, the template mode comment command works as expected, JavaScript portions comment as JS, HTML comments as HTML. Hmm, Django-template comments do not work, though.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Peter. I will be looking at the problem soon and posting any progress here.

  4. Brent O'Connor

    Thanks for taking the time to make these different modes for Coda. BTW, Any idea on how to hide pyc files in Coda in the file browser on the left pane?

  5. Heath Gerlock

    Great tools and very helpful! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

    Heath @ 5Q

  6. paul volk

    man i love the interwebs! started writing a django template in coda, groused to myself about it not recognizing the syntax, googled, and in less than a minute i am looking at properly syntax-colored django templates.

    you rock juan pablo!

  7. George Markleyville

    You really should submit this to the Coding Monkey’s repository of SubEthaEdit modes. It really needs some new ones. Here’s the link:

  8. Lee Connell

    To keep track of progress on this plugin, is this the correct place to watch? Very glad you have made this available to everyone.


  9. trevor

    very awesome, is this still maintained or updated here or should I look for a repo somewhere?

    Thank you very much!

  10. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!
    Soon after I posted this syntax bundle, Panic changed the API. I need to go back and change the implementation. When that is done, I will post it here again.

  11. Tom Watson

    Thanks again for putting this together! It’s still been working okay with the Coda version I’m using 1.6.3, but I’d love to have an updated version. Thanks for your hard work!

  12. David Chambers

    I’m a huge fan of Coda, and I’m rapidly becoming a huge fan of Django. Thanks very much for making these bundles available.

  13. Ali

    I’m so happy you are working on this plugin and I can’t wait getting the update.
    The current version apparently is not working with Coda 1.6.4 :(

    Thank you

  14. Watts Martin

    I’m a Django user and seriously thinking about buying Coda, so I’d like to gently encourage you to keep working on the development of this. :)

  15. joe

    Awesome, these are great. I would second the person that’s recommending throwing these up on the SubEthaEdit page which is, I believe, the central repository for these kinds of modes. I maintain the Specials Board .seestyle theme and have updated that to include some styling of these two modes since I’ve started using them. Thanks for the hard work.

  16. osx rocks

    Thx. I learn css & html and this is very usefull! I will try codo and django.

  17. yohimbine hcl

    I would second the person that’s recommending throwing these up on the SubEthaEdit page which is, I believe, the

  18. Roger Vivier

    I would second the person that’s recommending throwing these up on the SubEthaEdit page which is, I believe,

  19. Roger Vivier

    I’m so happy you are working on this plugin

  20. Kamenitxan

    Sadly, it’s not working in Coda 2. Are you going to fix it?

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