Feb 16 2009

Scott Ritchie works for us!

Big Nerd Ranch has a reputation for mind-blowingly excellent Cocoa and iPhone training. A reputation like this is difficult to maintain. In particular, our students expect our instructors to be experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, articulate, and committed.

For the last seven years, I have taught every single Cocoa class that has ever been offered at Big Nerd Ranch. For a few years, I have felt that only one other person who could possibly fill my shoes at the front of the classroom, and he worked for Apple.

Today, he works for Big Nerd Ranch.

Scott Ritchie started at NeXT in 1990. He has spent the last 20 years helping developers learn to use Objective-C and Cocoa, both as a trainer and as an engineer on Apple’s Developer Technical Support team.

I’ve known Scott for fifteen years, and I must admit that he knows Cocoa better than I do. And he knows iPhone development better than anyone. He is passionate about teaching and committed to making our students into effective and stylish Cocoa programmers. I am proud to announce that he will be teaching the Cocoa Bootcamp and the iPhone Bootcamp for us.

If you would like Scott Ritchie to teach a Cocoa or iPhone Dev class at your company, please contact Scott Newman at (813) 749-6615 so we can get you on the calendar.


  1. Mark Miller

    This is indeed fantastic news. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott last month and his knowledge of Cocoa and Objective-C is quite remarkable. He will certainly be a tremendous asset to the BNR. Good luck to all.

  2. Knut Vonheim

    Hi there!

    I took the Cocoa I Bootcamp class with Scott this February! This guy was born to teach and he knows his Cocoa!

    Anyone who has gone through Aaron’s book knows how much ground it covers and the time you need to invest in it. The one week class with Scott was a joy ride (assuming you are there to learn Cocoa:-). In one week we covered every topic in the book, and he spent (late) evenings helping any student with questions.

    Scott is such a nice guy, at 9:30 pm he was still helping me understand Core Data which was very important for me to learn. Any sensible person should, after two hours, have told me to get som sleep and pick it up the next day. I was eager and Scott had even more energy teaching it!

    Aaron’s book says that caffeine is no substitute for sleep, Scott’s extremely positiv energy is!!

    Covering all the topics is one thing, learning them is another. The amazing thing is how much you remember when you’re back at your desk doing your own work. Every time I look at my notes I remember something Scott said, how he said it, or some anecdote related to the topic, and it all comes back to me. It just sticks!

    If you are contemplating getting into cocoa, or simply need to get going, this is it! With Scott as your drill instructor Bootcamp is not a tag line, it’s the real deal!!

    Thanks Scott and BNR,

    Class of 2009:-)
    PS! Rumor has it he is a kick-$#% iPhone guy, too! Unconfirmed but likely!-)

  3. Raj Choudhury

    Hi everyone.

    I got the t-shirt!!!

    I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have been taught by Scott during the February 2009 Cocoa I Bootcamp.

    As a student at the Bootcamp, I benefited from Scott’s ability to teach Cocoa programming theory and techniques in a clear and concise manner. Where students in the Bootcamp wanted more information on a topic, Scott was enthusiastic and obliging.

    Thank you Scott and Big Nerd Ranch :)

  4. Lawrence Leach

    Congratulations Scott and BNR!
    I had the pleasure of meeting Scott last September at the Cocoa Bootcamp for Commuters course. Dude is smart as hell and *really* nice. What a HUGE score for BNR. I’m looking forward to future classes with you guys.

  5. Jamie Santos

    Good stuff BNR, Scott’s really awesome! I took the iPhone Bootcamp back in Jan 09. Aside from being my classmate, Scott had his hand in helping students as well.

    I’m saddened about not being mentored under Scott. In all the chaos he was able to guide a few to the light ;)

    Congrats Scott!

  6. Anand Thakur

    Just finished a cocoa training course. Scott is indeed a wonderful teacher and it was amazing that he could teach a cocoa beginner like me so much in so little time.

  7. Kirsten Elin

    Scott when will you offer a teenage cocoa bootcamp… in the U.V.!!

  8. Brandon McKay

    I just finished the beginning iOS bootcamp with Scott. I have never retained so much and been so engaged in a technology course before! I highly recommend this guy for a class!!

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