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Jul 2 2012

Conference Roundup – Summercon 2012 and BarCampNYC

One of the most amazing benefits of working at Highgroove is the yearly conference requirement. You are required to go to a conference of your choosing—on the company’s dime—and report back with what you learned. What’s even more amazing is that the conference you choose doesn’t have to be something Ruby-centric or Railsy (though we do love those conferences too).…

Jun 11 2012

Evolving a Security Auditing Methodology

For those following along at home, you know that we love to work iteratively, and as such, work towards our big-picture goals one small step at a time. We also take software quality seriously, and an important part of software quality, particularly when it comes to web applictations, is security.…

Mar 26 2012

The anti-meetings – The Weekly Huddles

Meetings. Quick chats with our customers, daily if possible, don’t count as meetings. They keep everyone on the same page to make sure good progress is being made for them, to address any questions or concerns they may have, and possibly to plan the next steps to take in developing their app.…

Feb 7 2012

Red, Green, Refactor – The Tools For Success

It’s easy to say “We’re agile” and “We use Behavior/Test Driven Development” and thus “we use the right tools to empower our developers!” but what are those tools? For me that discussion is entirely about the tool stack you choose, how that stack empowers you as a developer to do things right the first time.…

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