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Dec 19 2013

Tell the Story

I love stories. I love telling stories, and I love listening to stories. I learn from stories. I believe that we, as a programming community, don’t tell enough personal stories around the campfire.

Some may think it heresy, some may think “well duh”, but I believe that the programming profession is still really primitive.…

Nov 27 2013

Stochastic Profiling

I’ve talked about stochastic profiling in the past, such as the fairly recent Rock Heads. It’s something I mention when I talk about debugging or performance tuning at various conferences. Interestingly enough, I had a need for it last night because I had stumbled into an often-reported, difficult-to-reproduce problem and wasn’t in a situation to hook up Instruments.…

Nov 7 2013

Smooth (Bitwise) Operator

One of the wonderful(?) things about Objective-C is that it’s based on C. Part of the power of C is bit-bashing, where you can manipulate individual bits inside of a piece of memory. Have a bunch of boolean values but don’t feel like wasting a byte or two for each one?…

Oct 10 2013

Rock Heads

The Instruments Time Profiler is a common tool to use when finding out how much CPU time is being consumed for an operation, either directly by a function or a method, or on behalf of some other piece of code. You might discover that your image drawing is causing huge amounts of image conversion inside of Quartz.…

Oct 4 2013

Property Values

Part of the fun of teaching a live class is fielding questions and thinking on your feet. Once I was showing some code that used @properties extensively in the interface, and one of the students asked “What *are* all the little fiddly bits that go after the @property?…

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