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Nov 19 2013

Slide Design for Developers

At RubyConf last week, I had a great time listening to interesting talks and chatting with fellow Rubyists, and I even made it out to the beach a few times. It was also my first time presenting at a conference.

My talk, titled “Raft: Consensus for Rubyists,” went really well and I got some great feedback from the audience.…

Oct 23 2013

Learning, bikes and app development at GOTOber Berlin

Much of my life is about finding the groove where learning, bikes and app development intersect. Little did I know that my time in Berlin for GOTO would align with that theme so well. I attended GOTO to learn as much as I could from the brilliant attendees and to continue my mission to further expose the European community to Big Nerd Ranch.

Oct 16 2013

Big Nerd Ranch at the Big Data Road Show

I recently moved to Amsterdam from Atlanta to join Big Nerd Ranch’s European team, and this event was a great opportunity for me to share something as well. While most folks I meet in Europe know Big Nerd Ranch for our teaching and training, they don’t know us for our back-end web services. Attending a big data conference was a great way to begin to change that!

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