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Apr 4 2014

Big Nerd of the Month: San Smith

It surprised none of us when San Smith was named our most recent Big Nerd of the Month. As Office Manager, San makes all of our lives easier, and in March, she was a driving force behind our recent move to our new Intergalactic Headquarters. 

We sat down with her to find out more about this wonder who wrangles all the Nerds.…

Feb 13 2014

Listen While You Work

It is all too easy to generalize the “Nerd” personality, but there is in fact incredible individuality across the board at Big Nerd Ranch. We have former physicists, civil engineers, nuclear submarine officers, gaming experts, opera singers, marathon runners and beer brewers on our team.

I get a kick out of stepping back and watching the hum of these brilliant minds working together to solve the world’s problems. But whenever we have to get work done, we put our headphones on and zone out. We go into our happy place where the rest of the room fades away and we are productive like well-oiled machines.

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