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Dec 19 2013

Tell the Story

I love stories. I love telling stories, and I love listening to stories. I learn from stories. I believe that we, as a programming community, don’t tell enough personal stories around the campfire.

Some may think it heresy, some may think “well duh”, but I believe that the programming profession is still really primitive.…

Nov 27 2013

Stochastic Profiling

I’ve talked about stochastic profiling in the past, such as the fairly recent Rock Heads. It’s something I mention when I talk about debugging or performance tuning at various conferences. Interestingly enough, I had a need for it last night because I had stumbled into an often-reported, difficult-to-reproduce problem and wasn’t in a situation to hook up Instruments.…

Nov 8 2013

Xcode Breakpoint Wizardry

Every great developer should know how to use a debugger. Xcode has an excellent debugger UI that wraps LLDB (or, if you’re living in the past, GDB), giving you access to all the standard tricks like breakpoints, stepping in and out and around your code, and stack frame details.…

Oct 10 2013

Rock Heads

The Instruments Time Profiler is a common tool to use when finding out how much CPU time is being consumed for an operation, either directly by a function or a method, or on behalf of some other piece of code. You might discover that your image drawing is causing huge amounts of image conversion inside of Quartz.…

May 17 2013

Leveling Up

So. That Clash of the Coders Thing. Kind of nice being able to flex mental muscles over a 72-hour sleep-deprived Dr Pepper-infused period of time, performing acts of violence upon the Objective-C runtime, UIApplication, and the layer stack. It was a blast being able to use all my platform knowledge with the express purpose of subverting it.…

Aug 6 2012

The selfless debugger

You know that feeling. You’re on a deadline. It’s 9:00 at night. You have a demo the next morning. Suddenly Xcode freaks out. Apps running half the time. Rebooting your phone. Rebooting your computer. Finally the phone decides to run your App for awhile.…

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