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Nov 19 2013

Slide Design for Developers

At RubyConf last week, I had a great time listening to interesting talks and chatting with fellow Rubyists, and I even made it out to the beach a few times. It was also my first time presenting at a conference.

My talk, titled “Raft: Consensus for Rubyists,” went really well and I got some great feedback from the audience.…

Jul 19 2013

Closing the Collaboration Gap between Design and Development

We’ve taught our mobile design classes all over the world this year, and one question that we’ve continually heard is, “How can designers and developers collaborate effectively?” There’s a gap between designers and developers who create mobile apps together, and while I don’t have a simple solution, I do have some thoughts on closing that gap (or at least bridging it).…

Jun 26 2013

On the Road: Mobile Design in Japan

Editor’s note: Brian Harper, Jeff Heaton and Brandy Porter are hitting the road to teach our mobile design courses in Ukraine, the Netherlands, India and Japan. At each destination, they’ll be sending blog “postcards” with updates.

As I travel via high-speed train from Tokyo to Kyoto, now officially on vacation after a month of teaching around the world, I’m able to reflect upon my time with Microsoft in Japan, but also on my trip as a whole.…

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