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Dec 14 2012

New Faces at the December Hack Night

The December edition of Hack Night was held earlier this week. In our final Hack Night of 2012, we invited not only local developers, but the women  we met when hosting Rails Girls ATL.

Here’s a quick rundown of the great things people worked on:

Patrick Van Stee developed an iOS (Cocoa) app for code reviewing that interfaces with GitHub
Jasmine Lawrence showed off her work on the Ruby on Rails app she started at Rails Girls
Jonathan Wallace honed his skills working on Trollify, a Mustachify-like app that adds troll hair to images
The Body Boss team showed off some new features on relative ranking (mathematically comparing athletes “relatively”) in Ruby
Kristin Marsicano learned more about an authorization plugin for Ruby on Rails
Jacob Robertson got tons of laughs for his globalization of his “What game should we play?” app

Hack Nights give us the chance to meet others in our community and sharpen our skills. Join us in January for our hardware hacking challenge!…

Aug 27 2012

Hack Night got hacked

Each month, we open our doors for a Hack Night, inviting others to join us as we experiment with and work on various technologies.

For the August Hack Night, we sharpened our focus and added a little more structure. For the first time, we posed a challenge to those attending: Could they hack our RFID door reader to allow our chat robot to open the front door of our office?…

Mar 20 2012

Open Source Hack Night

Last night at the Highgroove Studios office, we held the March edition of Hack Night, our monthly social coding gathering. We focused on starting, polishing, and/or discussing open source projects ranging from the super useful to the super silly (beer is always provided at our hack nights…)

While CBQ hacked away at some Rails documentation using docrails, others were busy building and even releasing other tools.…

Jan 26 2012

Hack Night at Highgroove

Highgroove hosted our monthly Hack Night, and with 20 attendees, this was our largest yet.

To program a computer in a clever, virtuosic, and wizardly manner. Ordinary computer jockeys merely write programs; hacking is the domain of digital poets. Hacking is a subtle and arguably mystical art, equal parts wit and technical ability, that is rarely appreciated by non-hackers.…