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Jan 15 2014

Code Review in Four Steps

When I started at Big Nerd Ranch, I was starved for code review. I had received very few deep, insightful comments on the code I had produced up to that point. Then the code review process at Big Nerd Ranch changed the game for me. 

I quickly found out how valuable code review is—not just as a programmer, but also as a reviewer. I began learning about new strategies and tools for solving problems, along with new ways to use the tools I already had.…

Aug 14 2012

How to get a Ruby project done fast

At Highgroove, we aim to be fast. When we jump on a project, we work with the client to understand their goals and begin delivering functionality on the first day. As the project progresses, we strive to increase the velocity of work on the project with each passing iteration.…

Jul 10 2012

3 Lessons Learned from a Working Vacation in Barcelona

One of the great things about Highgroove is our commitment to balancing work and free time. However, when I decided to embark on a month-long European adventure, I was determined to give the international working vacation a shot. I thought that I had prepared myself for the challenge of working abroad, but what ended up happening surprised me.…

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