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Sep 10 2013

A Look At Twitter Bootstrap 3

The folks behind the popular Bootstrap framework recently announced the release of Bootstrap 3. Since its original release two years ago, Bootstrap has grown into an indispensable tool for scores of developers, and while it’s a tool for rapid prototyping, it’s also on the front end of thousands of production websites.…

Sep 3 2013

Responsive Sites With Foundation

Things are changing rapidly for front-end developers. It seems that every day someone is releasing a brand new framework, bootstrap, boilerplate or some other convenience meant to get our projects up and running as quickly as possible. And with Responsive Web Design (RWD) being the hot topic that it is, even more are being released to cater to responsive’s specific needs.…

Sep 19 2012


This past week I came across the problem of debugging multiple mobile devices. Again. It seems that when things go bad with good programs, seldom do any suggestions reveal themselves. Instinctively I turned into the itinerant detective, searching for the clues that would lead to a smoothly running program.…