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Aug 21 2012

Learning to say no to scope creep

Building products as a Highgroover and a co-founder of Body Boss has taught me that saying “No” to scope creep can mean the difference between a bloated, unfinished project and the successful release of an MVP.

As a former Big 4 consultant, I was taught that scope creep is ugly, and a supervisor once told me that it in an ideal world, it should never happen.…

Apr 2 2012

Staying in the Groove at Highgroove!

Anyone that knows anyone at Highgroove knows we’re not your run of the mill rapidly growing Ruby development shop. We’re a unique team of creative individuals bent on productivity hacking and iterating on client needs until the app is awesome. Sure we’ve got some great perks and compelling reasons to make the commute into the office despite being a ROWE.…

Mar 26 2012

The anti-meetings – The Weekly Huddles

Meetings. Quick chats with our customers, daily if possible, don’t count as meetings. They keep everyone on the same page to make sure good progress is being made for them, to address any questions or concerns they may have, and possibly to plan the next steps to take in developing their app.…

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