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Apr 6 2012

Sane Rspec config for clean, and slightly faster, specs

Database-bound tests are a drag. Inconsistent tests are a pain. Database-bound, inconsistently failing tests are the worst!

The following commit message is from a real code base:

Run in transactions by default.

When we added controller specs they weren’t being run w/any kind of DB cleaner b/c there was no default strategy and they weren’t explicitly included in a group.…

Mar 20 2012

Open Source Hack Night

Last night at the Highgroove Studios office, we held the March edition of Hack Night, our monthly social coding gathering. We focused on starting, polishing, and/or discussing open source projects ranging from the super useful to the super silly (beer is always provided at our hack nights…)

While CBQ hacked away at some Rails documentation using docrails, others were busy building and even releasing other tools.…

Mar 15 2012

Spree Conference 2012

Last month I had the privilege of attending the very first SpreeConf in New York City. If you aren’t familiar with Spree, it is an awesome Rails e-commerce engine you can use to build a full-featured online store. The conference was held over two days; the first day featured several training sessions.…

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