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Nov 19 2013

Slide Design for Developers

At RubyConf last week, I had a great time listening to interesting talks and chatting with fellow Rubyists, and I even made it out to the beach a few times. It was also my first time presenting at a conference.

My talk, titled “Raft: Consensus for Rubyists,” went really well and I got some great feedback from the audience.…

Aug 20 2012

Before the Presentation

Ever have one of those moments, after a flurry of activity, and realized what you’ve accomplished? Now that this summer is over, I realized that I’ve talked a lot. Three CocoaHeads presentations. Back-to-back 90 minute sessions at two CocoaConfs. Taught a week-long class with some extra evening sessions.…

Jun 7 2012

The Ranch at CocoaConf

Apple’s WWDC is next week! Woot! But I know a lot of folks can’t make it to WWDC. There are a number of conferences happening over the summer for folks to get their technical info fix.

Four Big Nerd Ranchers will be speaking at CocoaConf at the end of this month, June 29 and 30: Jonathan Blocksom and Jonathan Saggau, creators of the Advanced iOS Bootcamp; Step Christopher, our local software quality expert, and I will be giving sessions.…

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