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Nov 6 2012

Big Nerd Ranch and Highgroove Studios join to create a new, even nerdier, Big Nerd Ranch

Many of you may have heard that Big Nerd Ranch and Highgroove Studios have merged to become a bigger, badder Big Nerd Ranch. Highgroove Studios’ Charles Brian Quinn, aka CBQ, will serve as CEO, overseeing strategy and day-to-day operations. Aaron Hillegass will be the combined company’s Chief Learning Officer, dedicating more time to his passion for writing, teaching and mentoring Nerds.…

Feb 16 2009

Scott Ritchie works for us!

Big Nerd Ranch has a reputation for mind-blowingly excellent Cocoa and iPhone training. A reputation like this is difficult to maintain. In particular, our students expect our instructors to be experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, articulate, and committed.

For the last seven years, I have taught every single Cocoa class that has ever been offered at Big Nerd Ranch.…

Dec 22 2006

Big Nerd Ranch Burns

For much of the history of computers, technical training has received very little attention. I started Big Nerd Ranch because I thought it could be taken to another level — expert instructors, relevant materials, great settings. I’m very proud of what we do: we have become the technical training company for people who hate technical training.…

Nov 1 2005


We have created the Big Nerd Ranch Weblog so that we can share some knowledge with everyone. We sincerely hope that the information presented here is useful. We will be talking about the stuff we consult and teach classes on:

System Administration

You’ll notice that there is nowhere to leave comments.…