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Oct 9 2013

Digging Ruby in the Rockies: Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013

I recently went to Boulder, Colorado, for the 2013 Rocky Mountain Ruby conference. More than 300 Ruby enthusiasts gathered there to attend workshops, presentations, drink ups and more.

The talks

For me the highlight of the conference was the presentation given by Eugene Kalenkovich titled “Rails: Shadow Facets of Concurrency.” Eugene used some simple examples to show how concurrent processes can create real problems in Rails code.…

Oct 3 2013

OAuth2 and So Can You

Have you recently used a Twitter, Facebook or Google API? If so, you probably authenticated with OAuth2. Instead of using their own authentication schemes, most new services choose to implement OAuth2, the latest revision of the OAuth protocol. It gives your users a secure way to talk to your service, but more importantly, allows users to safely authorize access to their data from third-party services without giving them their credentials.…

Nov 9 2012

My Top 5 Pry Features

Ruby ships with an Interactive Ruby Shell (IRB) that every Ruby developer has played around with at some point. It’s a great place to experiment with unfamiliar methods and running bits of code, but if you really want to dig into an object or do hardcore debugging, it can leave a lot to be desired.…

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