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Feb 2 2010

Production Server Sysadmin Essentials from the Scout Team

Deploying Rails applications has definitely become easier with the use of tools like Capistrano and Phusion Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails/mod_rack), but really keeping them serviceable, maintainable, and always humming along can require a bit of work.

Andre over at Scout has written a fantastic guide — a checklist, really for putting a Rails or Sinatra application in production and keeping it up in tip-top shape.…

May 26 2009

Scout Goes Deep! and Robust! and More!

Scout got a major facelift today, to show off all the new features we’ve launched over the past few months.

To learn more about many of the new features, including:

Deep Rails Instrumentation
Triggers and Trends
The New Daemon-based, Robust Agent
The Improved, Easier API and Developer Resources
and our new Pricing Model

head on over to the Scout Blog to read all about it.…

May 28 2008

Say hello at RailsConf

Andre, Charles, and myself leave for RailsConf Thursday.

If you want to discuss Rails monitoring, Javascript, the business of Rails, biking, camping, or dogs, talk to us!

I’m the tall, skinny scarecrow-like figure with the big head. Charles looks like he might belong to a hipster boy band.…

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