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May 8 2013

The Healthy Programmer

To keep doing what you love, you must maintain your own systems—not just the ones you write code for.

In order to concentrate, learn and remember (all of which are important for programmers), you need exercise and a healthy diet. In this talk from Joe Kutner, you’ll learn exercises that will make working at a computer more comfortable, as well as how to change your work habits and develop a plan to stay fit.…

Feb 17 2012

Tech Talk on Visualizing Scaling

This week’s Tech Talk was on Visualizing Scaling, and Consistent Hashing techniques for scaling data.

Patrick talked through several visualizations he created in HTML5 to visually explain many common scaling techniques.

If you’ve heard of the techniques and algorithms: “sharding” or “master-slave”, or even “consistent hashing” for distributing data across servers, but never really known how they work, this talk goes through the basics and shows visually how data can be scaled out across multiple servers.…

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