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Mar 1 2013

Making connections with WebRTC

Until recently, browsers really only supported stateless communication over HTTP. That’s beginning to change with new technologies like WebSockets and ServerSentEvents, but WebRTC throws a new feature into the mix: peer-to-peer communication. You can stream data directly between two browsers without having to connect through a server.…

Dec 13 2011

Breaking Bad Software Habits

I have only been a professional software developer for a few years, but I feel like I have already acquired bad habits.

One of the hardest for me to break is the desire to create software in a cloistered environment where the requirements are stable and the best technical approach always wins over other constraints like schedule and cost.…

Apr 27 2011

Keeping It Simple

Unlike almost every other geek, I only want one monitor. When I sit down at a desk with a monitor, the laptop’s lid gets closed. For me, it works better to keep things simple. In fact, there’s usually only one window showing on my one monitor.…

Feb 23 2011

Setting Big Goals, and Achieving Them

A little over a year ago, I weighed about 80 pounds more than I do today. Today, I am healthy, strong, energetic, happy, and more confident. Losing the weight took a lot of work, but that wasn’t really the goal, and it’s certainly not the end, either.…

Dec 10 2010

Conserve the FDs or Hanging FDs

At Highgroove, we’re efficient. We ride our bikes to work (most of the time). We conserve our clients time, resources and file descriptors. File what?

That’s right, we conserve file descriptors.

Here’s the story. I recently introduced one of our clients, let’s call him Careful Carl, to the concept of file descriptors.…

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