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Jun 11 2012

Evolving a Security Auditing Methodology

For those following along at home, you know that we love to work iteratively, and as such, work towards our big-picture goals one small step at a time. We also take software quality seriously, and an important part of software quality, particularly when it comes to web applictations, is security.…

Dec 5 2011

Scratching Your Own Itch in the Badgerworks

“With all of the people doing this, why hasn’t anyone ever just made a …”

“I really like doing this, but everytime I get to this point I struggle. I need to make that better.”

“Man… what I really need is something that makes this job less tedious!”

Those sentiments have reared their ugly heads in some way or another with every crafty endeavour in which we at Highgroove have gotten involved.…

Oct 14 2011

Scaling Searching

Search is a hard problem, thankfully a lot of really smart people have spent a lot of time on it and come up with some awesome tools. Most of our projects involve some kind of search functionality, and often tuning search indexes on the database server will get us enough performance to launch the minimum viable product.…

Sep 6 2011

Yet Another Benefit of Open Source

Bayesian networks have proven extremely useful for classifying events and documents, reliability analysis, and in many other fields. Essentially, wherever a well-defined chain of causation given between many pieces of data exists, a Bayes net can help provide probabilities for the “hidden variables” of a system: in the cases above, for example, the category a document belongs to, the probability a system will fail if a certain component fails, etc.…

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